Bike path

This map shows approximately where the Hike and Bike Path will be located. Google Maps estimates the trip takes about 8 minutes on bicycle. 

A new project between governments in Sedgwick County, Mulvane and Derby hopes to connect the two cities via bike path.

Approximately two miles of bike path will be added alongside Rock Road between Mulvane and Derby. The project adds on to the more than 25 miles of bike and walking paths already inside Derby, and the sprawls of bike paths in the rest of the county.

Eighty percent of the project’s budget was covered with federal dollars through the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO). Sedgwick County, Mulvane and Derby each chipped in a third of the remaining 20 percent of the project’s funding — about $57,000.

“This is another example of how different units of local government work together to improve the lives of our citizens,” said Mulvane City Manager Kent Hixson.

The path will also connect both communities to the future Decarsky Park.

The Mulvane City Council approved the agreement at its Monday night meeting. The agreement is slated for the Derby City Council’s agenda Tuesday night. 

Since 2005, Hixson said Mulvane has received several transportation enhancement grants to fund pedestrian-bike paths, all of which have been used to make the community more walkable and bikeable.

“We are committed to the idea of creating more recreational opportunities for our citizens,” he said.

The project will allow bicyclists to travel from Mulvane to Derby, as well as other bike paths in southeast Sedgwick County and Wichita.

“[The project] just expands how far you can travel on your bike while avoiding conflict with vehicles,” Hixson said.

Construction is set to begin by March and be completed in September 2020.