Tanner Brown

Tanner Brown

An accident at the intersection of Woodlawn and Meadowlark left a motorcycle rider with critical injuries. The incident took place at about 3:30 p.m. June 8 when a westbound SUV turned in front of the eastbound motorcycle.

There were three people in that vehicle and none of them were injured, according to Brandon Russell, Deputy Chief of the Derby Police Department.

There was no passenger on the motorcycle.

Engine 82 and Squad 82 of the Derby Fire Department responded to the accident where they provided care until the victim was transported by Sedgwick County EMS to a hospital for further medical evaluation and treatment.

He was termed as Code Red, or critical condition, according to Bill Pater, Deputy Chief of the DFD. The victim did not have a helmet on.

The driver of the SUV was cited for failure to yield.

According to a gofundme site, the victim is Tanner Brown and the accident resulted in a brain injury, broken nose and broken arm.

“Tanner has a long fight and road ahead of him in order to regain the same quality of life he had before someone hit him on his motorcycle causing life-threatening injuries,” the site stated. “Only time will tell if he will be able to fully recover but the financial hardships that come from loss of work and rehabilitation are clear.”

As of Monday afternoon, $3,640 had been raised for Brown.

The post indicated that Brown was not reckless on the road as he “drives like a grandpa.”

An additional post from Tiffany Deschner, Brown’s older sister, said that he is expected to be on a ventilator for several days.

“He is also making purposeful movement,” she wrote. “He has a broken nose and wrist and had to have a lot of suturing done to his face. He has a long road ahead of him.”

Deschner said the full extent of the damage to his brain won’t be known until he wakes up, as his whole brain was affected.

According to Brown’s Facebook page, he went to Derby High School, lives here and is an assembly mechanic at Dynamic NC, an aerospace structures and components supplier in Rose Hill.

The accident occurred just west of where another Derby resident was killed while on his motorcycle almost two years ago.

On July 4, 2017, Bill Harland was riding his motorcycle westbound when he was involved in a collision with an SUV that was turning left from Tall Tree onto Meadowlark. Since then, lights have been placed at that intersection. The intersection where this accident happened already has traffic controls in place.