Are you a true ultra-conservative?

We all know that Kansas is one of the most conservative states in the nation. But, how many are “conservative” in name only and are really closet “progressives?”

Webster defines “conservative” as it refers to politics: “tending to preserve established traditions or institutions and to resist or oppose any changes in these,” and “ultra” as “an extremist, as in opinions held or policies favored.” Ultra-conservatism essentially means “stagnation” or even “regression.” “Liberalism” means: “a political philosophy advocating personal freedom for the individual, democratic forms of government, gradual reform in political and social institutions, etc.”

“Progressive” means “moving forward or onward, favoring, working for, or characterized by progress or improvement, as through political or social reform.”

Liberal and Progressive are not the same. It was ultra-conservatives that made a pejorative of the word “progressive.”

While the Republican Party has long held the values of conservatism, following World War II there was a lot of change, and President Eisenhower was known as a Progressive President.

Look at his accomplishments: the Interstate Highway System; enormous U.S. Postal System improvements; precluding a very hot war with the USSR; ending the fighting between North Korea (with China and Russia) and South Korea (with the USA and other allies).

But with the birth of the John Birch Society, ultra-conservatives began a slow takeover of the then-somewhat conservative Republican Party and turned it into the ultra-conservative, wealth-dominated and authoritarian party it is today.

The party’s powerful hierarchy openly works against the welfare of the general public, granting millions of tax dollars each year in subsidies to corporations, tax relief to the wealthiest individuals, and allows corporation managers to dominate governmental policies, even using foreign “corporate” money for political contributions to the detriment of open and fair democracy.

But still, you think you are a “Conservative”? Is Derby conservative? No! Derby is progressive.

Look at the growth Derby has experienced in the last 30 years. New and good schools; a new hospital; new parks; hundreds of new businesses; and, most of all, a positive outlook for the future. Yes, I think Derby is progressive.

I grew up in a Republican home and remained a loyal Republican for many years. But when authoritarianism replaced moderation, my progressive beliefs overrode that dedication and I became openly Progressive.


Derby, Kansas



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Mr. Haddock claims that the John Birch Society is responsible for the current GOP. Perhaps Mr. Haddock would care to explain why the JBS has always scored our Congress as an "F" (failure) in terms of the voting behavior of both parties? Tell us which Congresspersons accept JBS ideological premises? Chief among those premises is the idea that virtually all of our national leaders during the 20th century were Communists, Communist sympathizers or "agent" of a vast criminal conspiracy which intended to destroy our freedoms.

IF, as Mr. Haddock claims, the Birch Society has taken over the GOP, then why does the JBS score many Tea Party favorites at 60 or lower on the semi-annual JBS "Freedom Index" -- which means they are NOT voting in conformity to what the JBS thinks is desirable and Constitutional behavior.

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