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Derby soccer senior Marah Franke, junior Sydney Nilles and sophomore Alyssa Rowland were selected in both the AVCTL-I and Class 6A state postseason picks. The Panthers finished the season 12-5-1 after losing to Manhattan, 3-2 in penalty kicks, in the regional finals. It was the third time in the last four years that they’ve won at least 12 games.



FORWARDS: Alyssa Rowland, SO, Derby; Payton Eskridge, SR, Maize; Josie Hallier, SO, Hutchinson; Brooke Renshaw, JR, Salina South

MIDFIELDERS: Marah Franke, SR, Derby; Cammie Davis, SR, Maize; Morgan Fischer, SO, Salina South; Yazmin Puentes, JR, Campus

DEFENDERS: Heather Mills, JR, Derby; Missy Baker, SO, Salina Central; Monique Fair, SO, Salina South; Hailey Stiverson, JR, Maize

GK: Lizzy Franco, SO, Salina South

COACH OF THE YEAR: Paul Burke, Derby and Trey Crow, Salina South

LEAGUE MVP: Cammie Davis, Maize


FORWARDS: Gabby Chavez, SO, Campus; Alex Liles, JR, Salina South; Callie Sanborn, SO, Salina Central; Mallory Stegman, JR, Maize

MIDFIELDERS: Sydney Nilles, JR, Derby; Mina Chapman, SO, Maize; Megan Crist, JR, Newton; Sophia Ginther, Salina Central, JR; Annie Weesner, SR, Hutchinson; Harlie Wilson, FR, Hutchinson

DEFENDERS: Logan Riley, FR, Derby; Cheyenne Busker, SR, Maize; Giselle Fierro, JR, Campus; McKenzie Ontjes, JR, Hutchinson

GK: Lilly Koehn, FR, Maize


FORWARDS: Britney Bayer, SR, Derby; Jordan Crone, JR, Derby; Kourtnee Davis, SR, Maize; Brooklynn Needham, FR, Salina South

MIDFIELDERS: Giselle Vielmas, SO, Derby; Arianna Campos, SO, Newton; Reina Cline, SO, Maize; Madalyn Crow, SO, Salina South; Callahan Figgs, SR, Salina Central; Kylee Harman, SR, Campus; Anita Phanthavong, JR, Campus; Nayeli Reveles, JR, Maize; Kaylee Wilcox, SO, Maize; Minerva Martinez, SO, Salina Central

DEFENDERS: Maddy Welch, JR, Derby; Aurora Castillo, SR, Newton; Grace Harrison, SO, Campus; Abby Miller, JR, Salina South; Alayna Runck, FR, Maize; Whitney Young, SO, Salina South

GK: Hannah Abou-Faissal, SR, Derby; Elizabeth Baalman, SR, Campus; Mackenzie Nutter, FR, Salina Central; Meredith Kinney, SR, Hutchinson



FORWARDS: Marissa Popoola, BV West; Karoline Nelson, SM East; Sydney Leslie, SM West; Rachel Panther, Olathe East; Jordyn Martin, SM South; Avery Nguyen, Olathe Northwest

MIDFIELDERS: Ella Palmer, Blue Valley; Lexi House, SM South; Nayeli Gallo, Wichita North; Emily Hutchings, Olathe West; Ariella Mesa, Olathe Northwest; Kourtney Koc, SM East; Melina Peshoff, BV North; Andrea Orcutt, BV West; Caralee Legg, Washburn Rural

DEFENDERS: Isa Yanes, Olathe West; Carly Bachelor, Washburn Rural; Rebecca Beeler, SM South; Lexy Farrington, BV North; Lindsay Edmond, SM West; Josephine McCray, SM East; Anna Rothfuss, Washburn Rural; Brynn Walker, Wichita East; Alexa Pittman, BV West

GK: Sydney Daris, SM East

COACH OF THE YEAR: Alex Aiman, BV West

OFFENSIVE POY: Marissa Popoola, BV West

DEFENSIVE POY: Isa Yanes, Olathe West & Carly Bachelor, Washburn Rural

GK OF THE YEAR: Sydney Daris, SM East


FORWARDS: Anna Chieu, Lawrence; Chloe Jones, Olathe East; Hailey Palmer, Blue Valley; Noeli Munoz, Garden City; Maggie Nuss, BV North; Kimberly Alacron, Liberal; Chelsea Wagner, BV North; Joy Ngibuini, Washburn Rural; Reagan Geisbrecht, Manhattan

MIDFIELDERS: Marah Franke, Derby; Lindsey Kuhlman, BV West; Alex Entz, Washburn Rural; Yazmin Puentes, Campus; Irai Fernandez, Wichita North

DEFENDERS: Alyssa Ward, Olathe West; Ashton Dain, Olathe Northwest; Izzie Williams, Manhattan

GK: Sharon Ngibuini, Washburn Rural


FORWARDS: Alyssa Rowland, Derby; Alisia Solia, Dodge City; Olivia Hogue, Gardner-Edgerton; Maria Salas, Wichita North; Dajanai Jackson, SM Northwest

MIDFIELDERS: Sydney Nilles, Derby; Yossi Villagrana, Wichita East; Whitney Wilson, Manhattan; Ainslie Markle, Manhattan; Elyssa Salazar, Garden City; Gisselle Melendez, Liberal; Kylee Harman, Campus

DEFENDERS: Alexa Puerto, Liberal; Abigail Jarmer, Garden City; Julisa Gomez-Fernandez, Wichita North; Marleigh Hutchinson, Manhattan